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Celebrating the all-electric FIAT® (500e)RED coming to the US with an iconic digital collectible.

The CINQUECENTO is more than a collectible; it's a symbol of timeless beauty and innovation that unlocks valuable benefits for collectible owners.

Inspired by the legendary FIAT® 500, a design icon since 1957, this digital companion embodies the spirit of la Dolce Vita like never before.

car image digital collectible
Preproduction model shown. Actual production model may vary. Features and products shown are for illustrative purposes only. Available Q1 2024.


Have priority access to order a future 500e.

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Early order access order offered by FCA US LLC. This benefit is only available to US residents and is non-transferrable.


One-of-a-kind digital art for your car or in your home

white car Artist representation shown. Vehicle not available for purchase.

Prepare to embrace your artistic spirit with a stunning, one-of-a-kind FIAT® art. Preeminent Italian artist Stefano Contiero uses a technique called ‘generative art’ which seamlessly merges timeless design with modern innovation. In the future, turn your digital art into unique accessories for your car or home.



Front row seat to to the FIAT® Pass roadmap and future FIAT® vehicle releases

black car with cover
Vehicle not available for purchase.

A CINQUECENTO purchase will unlock unique benefits such as privileged access to future vehicle releases, digital and physical experiences, and more.



Embody a sustainable way of living.

For FIAT®, planet consciousness is a guiding principle. To help with the environment, Veritree and its partner network will plant a tree in the US for every CINQUECENTO purchased. This will help restore critical ecosystems, increase biodiversity, and sequester carbon.

*Support of local environmental projects in association with Veritree Technology Inc.
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Get a credit to use towards driving a FIAT® 500e for a few minutes, hours, days, or even months

CINQUECENTO owners get a total value of $180 in Mobility Credit* from Free2move($180 value) towards carshare services, a monthly no commitment car subscription, or parking fees with a FIAT® (500e)ᴿᴱᴰ.

*Offered by Free2move($180 value) North America, Inc in select US markets. Not available in all markets, subject to availability. Carsharing and parking credit has a value of $30 and can be used towards any available Free2move($180 value) carshare vehicle. Monthly subsciption credit has a value of $150 and can only be used towards the initiation fees of a FIAT 500e subscription.

Unique Art


Every CINQUECENTO Digital Collectible includes a unique art piece produced by Stefano Contiero the renowned Italian generative artist, whose art sells for a premium globally!

FIAT® has art embedded in its DNA, and what better way to spread the modern joy of FIAT® than offering every CINQUECENTO Digital Collectible owner their own one-of-a-kind piece of digital art. It can be used to grace their home, order and design unique clothing, or even wrap their FIAT® (500e)RED.


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The artist behind the CINQUECENTO collection merges the virtual and the physical, creating new worlds with character, emotion and colorful style that mirrors FIAT® fan DNA.



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  • exclamation mark Future FIAT® Brand benefits
    Priority access to order a future 500e

  • exclamation mark One-of-a-kind digital art
    that can be used as wrap for your vehicle

  • exclamation mark Free2move
    mobility credit, up to $180 in value

  • exclamation mark Support local


The FIAT® Pass is your digital membership card to unlock benefits and rewards and access by the FIAT Brand's Web3 community. Web3 is a new version of the internet secured by decentralized blockchain technology.

As a FIAT® Pass holder, you are a part of FIAT Brand’s Web3 community. As part of the Web3 community expect to receive exclusive announcements and unlock future rewards. FIAT Pass holders will receive a privileged access to the FIAT Pass Discord. Please join the Discord for more instructions.

You can get a FIAT® Pass for during specific public claim periods, which we announce on our social media. Follow us there for updates and instructions. Some may also receive a private invitation with specific steps to obtain a FIAT® Pass.

Yes. Each FIAT® Pass is securely recorded on the blockchain, ensuring it's truly yours and totally authentic.

Digital assets on the blockchain, such as the FIAT ® Pass, are stored in digital wallets. Think of a digital wallet as your online safe for items like the FIAT® Pass. It keeps your digital possessions secure. When you sign up for a FIAT® Pass with your email, our platform,, creates this wallet for you automatically.

Accessing your FIAT® Pass is easy! When you claim a FIAT Pass, an account is automatically created in the background for you. To log in, simply enter your email at You can also use well-known existing digital wallets, like Metamask or Coinbase.

The CINQUECENTO is a special digital collectible you can buy on the FIAT® Pass platform. It's a limited-edition collectible that offers additional benefits and exclusive access to certain FIAT Brand features.

You do not need a FIAT® Pass to buy a CINQUECENTO. The purchase of a CINQUECENTO includes all the benefits of the FIAT® Pass. After purchasing a CINQUECENTO, you'll receive instructions on how to claim your complimentary FIAT® Pass.

To redeem the benefits of your CINQUECENTO, log into your account at Use the same email as you used to buy the CINQUECENTO as an account is automatically created for you in the background when you buy a CINQUECENTO. There, you can view your collectible and access the benefits it provides.

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